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PLANNING: The Key To Your Commercial Being the Success You Need!

Newsflash! Commercials are a big investment! This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Commercial productions cost! And good commercials are an investment of time, money and resources! But companies continue to make such investments in commercials because good commercials can work wonders for their businesses. 37% of online shoppers say that well-produced and enticing online commercials that they just ‘happen upon’ have become the most significant source of unplanned ‘purchase inspiration.’ That number almost doubles for consumers and clients who are intentionally seeking out information about products and services. The key here is the phrase ‘well-produced!’ The study clearly states that it is well-produced commercials that make the difference. For the viewer, it is the perceived quality of the commercial (or lack thereof) that reflects immediately upon the product and greatly encourages or discourages the client or consumer from making the purchase, appointment or investment. Inspiration either becomes a sale or a fail. The finest products often remain boxed up and unsold in warehouses because badly produced commercials turn buyers away from excellent products.

In order for a commercial to be effective for a business it has to be fully and thoughtfully planned out ahead of time. Good commercial producers take the time to plan out effective campaigns. Excellent commercial producers not only take the time to plan, they do their homework! They guide their client through an extensive process of due diligence by identifying the goals of the commercial, the audience for whom the commercial is intended and tone, texture and energy the commercial needs to accurately represent the product or service. Excellent producers listen intently to their clients and when necessary challenge and elevate the ideas and intended approach.

GO FOR EXCELLENCE: Find a Production Company That Will Get Involved

In order for a commercial production company to create the most effective videos they have to be well informed about the services or products that their clients are offering. You can’t give what you don’t have. Producers can most effectively sell enthusiasm and information when they are in possession of such information themselves. This means companies seeking effective online commercials should sit down with their producers and enthusiastically tell them about their company, its history, and what they have to offer to the public that distinguishes them and makes them special. Then the producers can do the work necessary for their clients. Once the groundwork and storytelling are in place, great producers can create commercials that are truly unique to their business while dynamically representing their company. It is critical that every commercial that is created for a business holds true to a company’s values and quality.

The Open Inc.com: Make Sure Your Commercial Is Perfect

Based in Manhattan, The Open Inc understands this process perfectly! Open is redefining the planning and production of excellence that is so integral to today’s commercial production. Open’s teams of professionals possesses the skills, talents, creativity, passion and wonder that the world of advertising demands but so frequently lacks. Open puts all of these critical qualities into every video that they produce. Why not consider letting them make something for your business that will thrill you. You’ve worked so hard on developing your products and services. Now it’s time to match that hard work with equally masterful commercial messaging! Visit the Open website now to unleash your excellence upon a waiting world!

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