The Bundle Process

Bundles are the coordination of our team of graphic designers, brand consultants, directors, producers, writers, and project managers. We synchronize all of the elements of your company's identity. This is what makes the OPEN Bundle unique.

STEP #1 :


When designing a Bundle, any bundle, it is essential to determine the TARGET MARKET. Who is the client audience? Do they fit into a specific age range or demographic bracket? Is this a wide ranging audience or a professional specific target? Blue collar? White collar? Professional, etc? The clearer we can be in identifying our client’s target audience the more successful we can be in constructing the elements of their bundle.

In our UP INSURANCE example:

Age: 26-62
Markets Self-employed professionals and Early retirees



STEP #2:


With a better understanding of the Target Market in place, we investigate our client’s palette. Do they have distinguishing features that make them unique? Wood tones? Industrial? Floral? Are there colors within the logo or product line? It’s essential for OPEN, as we design our client’s bundle, to understand the textures and colors they use or are drawn to. From there we can capture those elements in design as we prepare MOCK-UPs for them.


STEP #3:


Synchronization. Continuity. Functionality.

Finally, due diligence behind us, once we better understand our Client’s clients, we find their colors and textures, it is time to weave together all of the elements seamlessly into the first draft of our presentation. We meet regularly with our clients to garner their feedback, perfect and re-perfect the result and soon…the Open Signature BUNDLE is created for yet another happy client.